Church of England Diocese of Manchester St. Aidan Lower Kersal


2 Aug 2020, midnight
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Dear Friends,

As some of you will have heard and read in the media there have been some increases in Covid cases - and therefore changes in official guidance around various types of gatherings.

This note is to assure you that our church buildings can remain open for individual for worship if they are Covid-19 secure. Thankfully we have been able to follow the necessary risk assessments and it is possible to attend worship but you must continue to socially distance from people outside of your household.

This means maintaining a distance of 2 metres, or 1 metre with mitigations (such as wearing face coverings).

Please note that those attending a place of worship should not socialise with people they do not live with.

There is a requirement for a “test and trace” register to be held in case of outbreaks.

Full guidance can be found here:

Please note the decision to attend Church services is an individual one; you should only do so if you feel safe and have assessed the risks in doing so.

We look forward to welcoming you at St Thomas’s Church this Sunday - 2nd August at 10am - for the Team service for the 8th Sunday after Trinity.

We hope this update helps?

Blessing; Love & Peace to All.