Church of England Diocese of Manchester St. Bride, Old Trafford

Sunday Services and how we are doing

24 Jul 2021, 5:30 p.m.

Thank you to everyone who has let me know how you are thinking and feeling about the government removing legal restrictions around covid. I also want to give a huge THANKS to everyone for helping to keep all safe and things going and being patient with one another… I do ask we continue with this as the virus is still around.

Using all that you’ve told me and my own thoughts I have decided on the following:

To continue (all helped by our wonderful Steward Team) to encourage mask wearing, using sanitiser, following directions and keeping socially distanced (unless you know, without assuming, each other is OK to be nearer to one another).

We will have some congregational singing in the building (preferably with face covering) and there is the option to go outside and be mask free as well as go somewhere like your home and join on Youtube.

The peace will be to those close around us and of course we can text and message.

We will continue for now to share communion with bread alone.

We can fellowship after the service and this Sunday if you would like to bring your own drinks/food we will be meeting in the church garden. If you have your own camping chair this will free up the benches for others.

There is lots of things we need to keep working on and I may have missed something so do please message me privately if you have any ideas or concerns - or encouragements!

God bless and keep growing in your relationship with God and with one another, in Jesus.