Church of England Diocese of Manchester Failsworth

Risk Assessment Update

5 Jan 2021, midnight
<div>Our Covid-19 risk assessment has been revisited and I believe (after taking advice from the Diocese), that we can keep people as safe in St John's Church now as we have been doing so since July. We are adding two elements to the risk assessment:</div><div>1. the practice of shepherding people to leave church row by row to prevent 'bunching' around the door and exit.</div><div>2. a reminder that people must not mingle and loiter before and after the services as this is against the Govt regulations on social mixing.</div><div>As long as we maintain the discipline of hand sanitising as we enter and leave, stay two metres apart in our pews and ensure that we maintain social distancing at all times, then I feel confident that we should continue to stay open for worship. </div><div>If at any time you feel concerned, unsafe or have questions about what we are doing to keep people safe, then please feel you can talk to me. I also want to say that no one should feel under any pressure to attend church and I completely support and understand the decision, made by some, to stay away for now. You must do whatever is right for you in your circumstances.</div><div>All might change in the next few days (or even hours), if the Govt. decides that places of worship must close, but in the meantime...</div><div>Keep safe, take care and God bless</div><div>Aysha</div>