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Hurst Virtual Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne and 309 mile sponsored walk

UPDATE - The Pilgrimage raised £4500. £1000 was donated to Smallshaw Hurst Community Action Group Food Pantry to support families in Hurst. 

Hurst Virtual Pilgrimage to Lindisfarne and Sponsored Walk from Pentecost 31 May 2020 to St Aidan's Day 31 August 2020 

The idea of this Virtual Pilgrimage combined with a sponsored walk came to Revd Liz in prayer.

The virtual pilgrimage is to Lindisfarne, via a host of holy sites along the way. The length of the journey is 309 miles. Revd Liz has committed to walk 309 miles locally and is seeking sponsorship for this challenge to raise funds for St John's Church! We have set a target of £2000. You can donate now. Please put #HurstVirtualPilgrimage in the comments as well as any good wishes!

Where does the virtual pilgrimage come in I here you cry?! Revd Liz has planned a walking route to Lindisfarne of 309 miles calling at various holy sites along the way. As she walks around this area she will keep a check on how many miles she walks and plot them on the Pilgrimage Map. At each holy site she visits virtually there will be prayers and a virtual welcome from the people at that place. Revd Liz will share stories of the places she visits and of the saints associated with them. So we can learn and pray together as we enter into this pilgrimage - a journey of the heart.

The idea is that Revd Liz will have walked 309 miles and we will have reach Lindisfarne on our Virtual Pilgrimage by 31st August, the day the church celebrates St Aidan of Lindisfarne.

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The Pilgrimage has made it to the Tameside Reporter!    

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