Church of England Diocese of Manchester St. John the Baptist, Roughtown

Holy Week & Easter 2021

Join us, in person and online, this Holy Week and Easter. As usual we celebrate this most important week of the Christian year together, the first half of the week at St John's (SJ) and the latter part at St George's (SG). 

Palm Sunday 28th March - 11am *United Parish Communion (SJ), 6pm Sanctuary (online worship).

Holy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 9am Morning Prayer (SJ), 5pm Evening Prayer (SJ), *7pm Eucharist (SJ)

Maundy Thursday - 9am Morning Prayer (SJ), 7pm *Eucharist and Watch until 10pm (SG)

Good Friday - SG open 9am-5pm, 9am Morning Prayer (SG), 2pm *Liturgy (SG), 4.45pm Evening Prayer (SG)

Holy Saturday - 9am Morning Prayer (SG), 8pm *Vigil (SG)

Easter Day 4th April - 11am *United Parish Eucharist (SG), 6pm Sanctuary (online worship).

* livestreamed to Facebook.

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