Church of England Diocese of Manchester St. Martin Castleton Moor

St Martin's Church Opens Soon

12 Jul 2020, 11 a.m.
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The Government lifted its restrictions on public worship with effect from 4th July and St Martins is longing to welcome everyone back.   But COVID-19 is still our there and we all need to stay safe.  The priests, Church Wardens and PCC are working hard to provide a safe environment to hold Eucharist services.  Measures that have been taken to ensure that everyone can stay a safe 2 meters from others.  These include moving some pews so that the main aisle is 2 meters wide; and limiting the number of pews being used so that there is 2 meters between pews.  2 meter makers will be put in place so that those queuing to come into church can do so safely.  The words of the service will be displayed on the screen so that no service books will be needed.   These and other safety measures will mean that the service will feel every different.  

The most significant difference is the need to book a seat in church.  this goes completely against the grain: churches should be open for everyone.  But due to the above safety measures there will only be 6 pews in use.  This means as few as 6 households or social bubbles plus priest and sidesperson and steward.  The only way to be sure that people are not turned away is to start a booking system.  

It is hoped that St Martin's Church will be open on 26th July at 10.30 for a Eucharist Service.  Bookings are now open in anticipation of that start date.  Phone the vicarage 01706 632353 or Parish Mobile 07725 523564 to book that your place.