A Big Step - Re-opening for Public Worship

All being well, our churches will reopen for public worship from Sunday 12th July - though please keep your eyes peeled in case of any last-minute changes, as this is a complicated challenge. Please remember our recorded services of Morning Praise and sheet for home will continue to be provided weekly, and there is no rush or obligation to come back to church physically unless you feel ready.

Nothing is risk-free, but we have taken measures in our churches to ensure we can be as Covid-secure as possible. The full risk assessment, which is an ongoing live document which we will continue to update, is available on request or via a dedicated A Church Near You page. To help us all, though, I have prepared a short document called 'What to expect' which is downloadable below.

This outlines the basic plan and what church will be like. <span style="font-size: 1rem;">If you do wish to attend worship on Sunday, there will be two services with a limit of 20 people maximum each at All Saints at 9am or 10.30am, with cleaning between. Please contact Simon to book your place.

If you wish to attend St James, there will be one service at 11am with a limit of 16 people. Please contact Luke to book your place.

For now, please don't attend if you haven't booked a place in advance - as we don't want to turn anyone away. I f you prefer to wait, then please do - there is no need to rush back.  We hope to offer a Wednesday Communion at St James and a Thursday Communion at All Saints, so if you wish to book for these, please let us know.  Dates and times of services will be arranged weekly for the next month as we ease back into a pattern of worship.

Please do pray for this re-opening - and remember that in the event of anyone infected attending worship, you may be contacted and asked to self-isolate, and we may have to close church temporarily again. This will be a long process - your support and patience is appreciated.

Returning_to_our_church_buildings_-_What_to_expect_-_KVP__oCZBzJ5, PDF