Our Rector

Meet our Rector Andy Lindop, the focal point of Ramsbottom and Edenfield Team Ministry, our go to in times of crisis, spiritual doubt or simply for friendship and guidance; a man who wears many hats.

Andy has been our Team Rector for nearly ten years, having been ordained over thirty eight years ago. Prior to joining RETM, he spent 30 years within the Manchester Diocese. Married to Karen, they have two grown up children. Andy is a well-known cricketer for the Diocese and has played in several of our Team matches. He is an avid reader and loves cooking; curries being his speciality….

He is very much loved by the children of our local Church Schools, who keep him on his toes asking questions during assemblies.

We are extremely lucky to have him keeping the Team in line, an unenviable task at times, but one that is appreciated by one and all within our Team..