Church of England Diocese of Manchester Christ Church Ainsworth

Annual Meeting

25 Apr 2021, midnight
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Technically this is two meetings: the annual Vestry meeting to elect two Churchwardens; and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting to elect PCC members, receive reports, think about the future, and your opportunity to raise anything you like about church life. If there is an easy way and a complicated way of doing things, why does the Church of England always seem to choose the latter?

Nomination forms are available in church or from [email protected] .

The PCC’s Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2020 is attached.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">And here is the Zoom link:</span>

Meeting ID: 856 4355 3818 Passcode: 209776

It is not too late for groups and organisations to send a short report of their activities / experiences during 2020 to [email protected] for inclusion in a separate report. This will be made available at the Annual Meeting.

In preparation for the annual meeting, our church Electoral Roll is now closed to additions until 5<sup>th</sup> May. All adults who worship with us regularly are encouraged to join our Electoral Roll. To join, you must be baptised and aged 16 or over then either a) live within our parish or, b) if non-resident, have habitually worshipped with us during the last 6 months.