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DIGITAL SURVEY about our online provision across the Turton Moorland Team

27 Aug 2021, 2 p.m.
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Our Team Rector, Peter Reiss, explains:

18 months ago we started out to put more resources, prayers, reflections and services online. We expanded what went on Facebook, we set up a YouTube channel, developed a Team website, started using Instagram and Twitter more. We know this was appreciated during lockdown, when churches were shut, and we think it is still appreciated.
Please could you tell us what you would still want – both from what is on “offer” and maybe what we do not yet do. We need to prioritise and do what we most need, and how to do this as a Team. Thank you.

Please click on and complete this digital survey to let us know your thoughts. We encourage everyone to respond so that we can continue to provide for the needs of all. We would prefer to receive online responses but, if you print off and share for a family member or friend, a paper copy of the survey is available here. :

We would love you to give us some feedback about what you would like to receive and access moving forwards.