Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Seghill

Holy Trinity Repairs - Public Notice

27 Jun 2020, 2:15 p.m.

At a meeting of the Parochial Church Council in July 2019 our Church-warden reported concerns regarding the Church and Church Hall water table at Holy Trinity, Seghill, as water was getting in through the roof and damaging the fabric of our buildings. The Church Architect advised us on essential works in order to make our buildings watertight. Grants were then sought and monies from the PCC building fund were added to finance these much needed works on our Grade 11 listed Church.

We are applying to the Chancellor of the Diocese of Newcastle for a retrospective Faculty. The Public Notice is up on the

Church Noticeboard at Seghill-Holy Trinity Parish Church, Mares Close, Seghill NE23 7EA.

Any concerns to: Father Phil Hughes Vicar and Area Dean

e-mail: [email protected]