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Young Christian Climate campaigners march to COP26 in Glasgow

12 Aug 2021, midnight

Only if you were on another planet could you have missed media coverage of the COP26 talks scheduled to take place in Glasgow this autumn. News of droughts and wildfires in many parts of the world, disastrous flooding in other places, and conclusive evidence of the devastation that will be inevitable in future years if mankind does nothing to stop the inexorable increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. There is now no doubt whatever that this is down to human activities, particularly use of fossil fuels.

Following the G7 summit in Cornwall in the summer, a group known as YCCN, the Young Christian Climate Network, has been marching through the country en route to Glasgow, where they plan to lobby the various political leaders to encourage them to agree and commit to the huge steps necessary to avoid climate change causing even more disastrous consequence for mankind.

In October they will walk through Northumberland, and churches on their route, which runs mostly close to the coast, will be welcoming and encouraging them. Details of how we can support them will be posted in due course, but you can follow their progress  - website updated daily with the latest photographs and news.  Alternatively follow @YCCNetwork on Twitter

Meantime Christian Aid have part of their website devoted to the climate campaign: see

Also on the Christian Aid website there is an activity we can all join in: follow the link to this page on the: