Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Beadnell

Holy Week and Easter Message

 A message for Holy Week and Easter from the Vicar and the Parish Church.

This Holy Week and Easter is the strangest I have experienced in 40 years of ministry and indeed historians tell us that churches in England have not been closed for prayer since 1208.

I felt in this unprecedented time that I would like to write to you and assure you of my prayers and the prayers of the church community at this time.

We cannot meet together but I know that many people are taking time to pray morning and night in their own homes using the material we circulated two weeks ago.

This pack contains new material to take us through to the end of May but we will revert to the other material after Pentecost.

This message probably leads you to believe that I think we are in for a long period of disruption because of Coronavirus and I do believe this will be the case. It is clear that social distancing is crucial for our own safety and the safety of others and although there is some evidence that things are slowing down it will be many weeks and months before we are back to normal, and I’m sure the new normal will be in some ways different from the one we knew.

Christians have always believed in living a life with rhythm and balance and in these difficult times I would suggest that we each seek to order our lives with time for prayer and reflection morning and evening. We are placing Reflections and Prayers on our Facebook pages details of which are included in this pack but you don’t need facebook to be able to pray either using your own resources or the ones we provide.

Routine and rhythm can help us grow through difficult times and combat anxiety and depression. Can I also ask you to pray for all who care for us as a nation and support our daily life at this time as well as for ourselves and each-other in our Churches and Communities. Many people are still placing a candle in their windows at 8pm as a sign of hope, prayer and solidarity.

The amount of care people are showing for each other at this time is one of the great positives to emerge over the last weeks but can I please remind you to call if you do need anything in terms of food, prescriptions etc. We are at present doing regular deliveries each day as requested.

Mobile 07780990354 will always get me my email is [email protected]

During Holy Week we share in the climax of Christs life and ministry and the accompanying leaflet is a guide to entering into the week in your own home, I hope it will help you as we celebrate the mystery of Christs love and reflect on the way in which it changes our lives and frees us in our own situations to be more loving - waking in the path of Jesus.

It is a great loss not to be able to celebrate together but I hope it will remind us of the freedom and privilege we normally have to come together as Christians and celebrate God’s love for us all. Our next opportunity to come together will be a chance to reflect the sadness we have seen and to share in the joy of our fellowship in Christ. For Easter morning I will be filming a short Easter Eucharist to share with those who can access the internet. I hope that in these simple ways we may grow in faith and love despite the difficulties of our present situation.

One of the Psalms for Easter morning says

“O give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his mercy endures for ever”

Ps 118 may this be at the heart of our prayer at this time

God Bless us all Tony

Parish Finances at this difficult time

We also have to write to you about Parish finances at this time. Its never easy to do this but it is important.

The closure of our churches over a few months will result in losses of up to ten thousand pounds for each church and this is a very serious situation

Those who give directly into the bank by standing order will we hope be able to continue to give but can we ask to all those who use the envelope scheme or give on the plate to seriously consider either sending a cheque payable to

St Ebba Beadnell

by post to the Vicar or to the treasurer who will see it is banked or you can make a direct payment into our accounts.

If we are on fixed and secure income this will help sustain the life of the churches. If you can need a standing order form please get in touch

This pack is going out to a wider distribution than our regular givers and we hope you won’t be offended by this request but at this time when we are trying to serve the community in a new situation and any help is much appreciated.

Bank / BACS details for the Parishes

Beadnell St Ebba:

Ac. Name; P.C.C of Beadnell Parish Sort code; 20-58-17 Ac. Number; 40686824

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Thank You</span>

The Vicar and Churchwardens.

The Vicarage 155 Main Street North Sunderland Seahouses NE687TT

07780990354 [email protected]

Beadnell-Ellingham-North Sunderland