Church of England Diocese of Newcastle Belford

Prayers for Bible Sunday, 25th October

27 Oct 2020, 12:15 p.m.

Benefice intercessions - 25th October 2020 – Bible Sunday

Today many have the written word, translated and interpreted in their language.

Dear Lord of all mankind, we thank you for your scriptures and for your son who shows the way for our lives, we thank you for those scholars that work to make your will know to us, in varied and contrasting ways and we thank you for offering us the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with you and may we have the grace to accept it.

In this world today - your will be done

Today we have the written word in our language, we are free to read, examine, discuss, challenge and share. There are those in our world who have no religious freedom, no access to scripture in their own language.

Eternal Father, we hold up to you those who are persecuted for their faith in you for your protection, those who have no knowledge of you and yet are searching, for you to open their eyes, and for those who have turned their back on you to re awaken to your light.

In this world today - Your will be done

Today we have the written word, to reveal, to guide and to challenge us.

Ever loving God, shine through hearts and ministry of our religious leaders that we grow in our faith and knowledge through their actions, their lives, their teaching and their guidance. We especially ask your blessing on Louise and Phyl and all of those retired clergy who have served us.

In this world today - Your will be done

Today we have the written word, Good News in times of uncertainty, fear, confusion, pain and sorrow as we negotiate our way through life during this pandemic.

Father of all mankind, make your presence known to those who need to know your love, comfort and your reassuring arms to hold them in their troubles. In the silence we hold in our hearts those we know in special need.

In this world today - Your will be done

Today each of us has the written word, and revealed through it our personal relationship with God

Thank you, Father, for sending your son, not just to give us a written faith, but a living one through Jesus who shows us the way. – we ask you to fill us with love, strength, comfort, compassion, peace, and understanding and the friendship and guidance of companions on our journey as we follow his way, and above all let us know and love your presence in our hearts.

In this world today - Your will be done

Today we have the written word and the promise it holds.

We keep in our hearts those who have gone before us and bless those who morn. We remember today the anniversaries of Beatrice, Marjorie and Stubbins and in the silence, we hold those who are known to us.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ Amen