Church of England Diocese of Newcastle North Sunderland


Covid 19. Guidance July 2021

We continue to do all we can to protect each other as the worship pattern continues through July and August

<ul> <li>Please continue to use sanitiser </li> <li>A track and trace list is available to sign - it is no longer legally compulsory</li> <li>We would appreciate you wearing a mask while entering and leaving church</li> <li>You may wish to remove your mask while seated but please feel free to retain it if you wish </li> <li>We sit for the majority of the service</li> <li>We will not share the peace physically </li> <li>Communion in one kind will be brought to you </li> <li>We plan to introduce hymns in August</li> </ul>

Services Each Sunday

<ul> <li>Beadnell Holy Eucharist 09.00</li> <li>Ellingham Holy Eucharist 09.15 except 4th Sunday when Lay Led </li> <li>North Sunderland Holy Eucharist 10.30</li> </ul>

Wednesdays 10.00 Holy Eucharist Beadnell 

Update for 1 July 

Beadnell : Ellingham : North Sunderland

The Vicarage 155 Main St NE68 7TT

07780990354 [email protected]

1 July 2021

Dear Friends,

I thought I might take the opportunity of writing to you as we begin the next stage of the roadmap to recovery from the Covid 19 lockdown.

From Sunday 4 July our service in three churches will resume every Sunday following this pattern.

Beadnell 9am

Ellingham 9.15am

North Sunderland 10.30am

In addition there will be a Wednesday Eucharist at Beadnell at 10am and we plan to resume the Friday Eucharist at North Sunderland in the Autumn

This is the first time this has been possible since late march 2020 and so marks the end of longest period of disruption to Church services since 1208!

In our parishes we have tried to follow advice and best practice from the Government and the Church of England in order to keep people as safe as possible. We have also tried to do what we can to serve and support each other during this difficult period.

There is now a real prospect of moving forward without the risk of serious disruption later in the year. We will have to live with some of the risks of Covid 19 for some time but vaccination has made such a difference and many of us will I suspect find that regular Vaccination becomes part of our lives as we move forward. Please take these opportunities for vaccination and encourage others to do so.

As our service pattern resumes there will still be some restrictions regarding masks, singing and the chalice but we hope and pray that these will be lifted as we move forwards after 19 July. Please remember that even after restrictions are lifted we presume from 19 July, that if you feel more comfortable in a mask you are welcome to continue to wear one.

One of the challenges of this next stage is that many of us will have got out of the routine of regular Sunday attendance and I would like to issue an invitation to you all to get back into the habit of Sunday Worship during the summer. After this long disruption it will be a great opportunity to meet together, to join in worship and to catch up on all that as happened. Please come and join us and make regular worship part of your normal pattern.

From 19 July we also plan to be able to resume the pattern of home communions for those whose health or frailty prevents regular attendance. I will be making contact with some of you who had home communion before Covid restrictions but if your circumstances or the circumstances of a neighbour have changed please let me know. All this will take some time but we will be working on this through the summer.

I hope and pray that through the summer and into the autumn the worship and social life of the church can build up again and that we can welcome each other back into church on a regular basis and help and encourage each other in the opportunities and challenges of this next stage.

Finance will also be a challenge for us all as many strands of income have either dried up or been reduced due to covid and we have depended upon and are very grateful to our regular givers in sustaining the church through this difficult time. Our regular worshippers and regular givers are at the heart of sustaining the life of our parishes and keeping the church open for all.

So at this time we look forward with hope, longing to be together and to stay together but aware of the challenges and opportunities of this coming year.

Please pray for our churches and our communities, our families, friends and neighbours as we plan and work together in moving forward after such a difficult and challenging time.

May God bless us all


Canon Tony Macpherson Vicar 

Just a short word on finance 

 it very clear that the COVID pandemic and the lockdown had meant that every church is many thousands of pounds down in terms of revenue this year and next year will be very challenging as well with all its uncertainties. I would ask you to consider making a donation at this time either through me or the Churchwardens or by BACS. You might consider and collections you haven’t given or anything you might have spent on social or fundraising activities - this support is vital at this time the Parish BACS details are as follows</span></span></span></span>

St Ebba:

Barclays Seahouses

Sort code; 20-58-17

Ac. Number;  40686824

Ac. Name;  P.C.C of Beadnell Parish

St. Paul's 

Account name: North Sunderland Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Sort code: 20 - 58 - 17

Account number:  93983854


A/c Name: PCC of Ellingham Parish

Sort Code: 30-90-13

A/c No: 15952960

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if there are question or comments or if I can do anything to help

May God Bless us all