About Us

St Aidan's is currently a church without a building! We meet on a Sunday at our sister church, St Bartholomew's, Cresswell and have a fortnightly communion service at 9.30am at Park View in Lynemouth. You'll also find us out and about in the community, so please say hello!

St Aidan's original brick-built church/hall, on West Market Street, was built by the Ashington Coal Company in 1925 but became impossible to maintain in good condition and closed for worship with a Farewell Service on Sunday 3 November 2013.

To enquire about weddings and baptisms ('christenings'), please contact the parish by e-mail or by phone (see the 'get in touch' page) or even join us at our Sunday service at Cresswell and get your questions answered over a cup of coffee after the service!