Church of England Diocese of Peterborough Yelvertoft with Clay Coton

Easter Day Services 2021

1 Apr 2021, 8 a.m.
<div><font color="#000000" size="4">Dear People,</font></div>

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<div><font color="#000000" size="4">May I most warmly welcome you to come to one, two or all three of the Easter services that our benefice is offering you. They are:-</font></div><div><font color="#000000" size="4">

<font color="#000000" size="4">9:45am Easter service which has been got together by those from Crick parish. I will let you have the link shortly.</font>

<div><font color="#000000" size="4">11am Easter service on zoom. This has been got together by people from the Yelvertoft and Lilbourne parishes. The link is <font color="#000000"></font></font></div><div><font color="#000000" size="4">

<font color="#000000" size="4">2pm A simple Easter Holy Communion service without hymns/songs or words on the screen. The link is</font>

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</font></div><div><font size="4">Bless you,</font><div><font size="4">
</font></div><div><font size="4">Rev'd Graeme.
</font></div><div><font size="4">Rector, Crick, Yelvertoft with Clay Coton, and Lilbourne.</font></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>