Church of England Diocese of Peterborough St. Barnabas Wellingborough

Notice re the opening of churches for private prayer and worship

4 Apr 2020, 1 p.m.

You would have seen the PM's announcement that churches can open for worship from 4th July. We have several meetings in place to discuss this (Churchwardens, Lay Ministers, PCC’s).

All preparations will be made carefully and slowly as we have so many COVID 19 regulations to follow.

So during July we will still be closed…

In Northamptonshire the rate of infection is still quite high, not improving as some parts of the country are, and so it's no safer to consider opening now than it was a month ago. While I remain a strong advocate of churches being open for prayer, I'm an even stronger advocate of protecting people from coronavirus.

God isn't bounded by church buildings. You can pray anywhere and he'll be there with you.

However lovely churches are, they are not worth the risk at the moment in order to do something that you can do just as well elsewhere.

St Andrew and St Barnabas Benefice will open for prayer and for worship only when it is safe locally and possible to clean them normally.

Our amazing Church buildings are sacred places and we all long to be back in them with each other – BUT when we are safe to do so… So our churches won’t be open yet….

So keep watching this space for more details…