Church of England Diocese of Oxford Kidmore End and Sonning Common

St John's Church Roof

18 Feb 2021, 2:30 p.m.

Last autumn, the main roof above the nave of St John's and the whole of the entrance porch was overhauled at a cost of nearly £10,000. Scaffolding was erected, and local roofer Doug Harris worked busily for several weeks to inspect the original tiles, replace where necessary, clean off accumulated moss, repoint ridge tiles and completely re felt the porch. The results are excellent, and gives confidence that the church is well protected from the worst the climate can throw at it. This work was only possible because of grants totalling some £6,000, and the generosity of parishioners, who gave towards the cost of the project. As a Grade II listed building, we are eligible to reclaim VAT, and this we did which made up the final total. More work is necessary, but the lion's share of the roof area is now cared for.

There is always work to do on our buildings. Anyone wishing to contribute to other projects and our work in the community is referred to the Parish Online Donations link on the Home Page of this website.