Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth Saint John the Baptist, Oakfield, Ryde and Holy Trinity, Ryde

From Revd. Sue

20 Feb 2021, 1:30 p.m.
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Building Update

We continue to keep the doors to St John’s church building closed to the public as we cannot safely open it for worship or private prayer. We are inspecting the building regularly and doing everything we can to make sure the condition of the building and contents do not deteriorate any further.

Before we can make any meaningful plans about the future we need to think carefully about how the building might best serve the community as a whole. This is going to take some considerable time and effort. There has to be discussion and consultation and it needs to be undertaken in the context of exciting new plans (expected in the Spring) for church of England parishes across the island to work more collaboratively. We also have to take into consideration the way in which the Covid pandemic has highlighted or changed the needs and priorities of many people.

As soon as it is safe to do so we will resume gathering for worship in the school and the church hall and take stock of how we can serve our community as we have done in the past. So the Church, that is, the people who make up the Body of Christ in this place is still, very much open for business!