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20 Feb 2021, 1:45 p.m.
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Members of St John’s and Holy Cross Binstead’s congregations are still engaged with the TLG project at Oakfield School, which provides support for children who would benefit from the care, time and activities they provide.

In order to benefit from the structured support and ongoing training which TLG provide for our volunteers we have to pay a monthly fee of £75. We initially obtained a grant for this, and the initial training and resources but 18 months later that grant has run out. If we stop paying the monthly fee we will have to give up this support and any further training will cost £600. 

Would you be able to either donate specifically to this project via the church or commit to a set amount every month to keep it going? If 8 people were able to commit £10 per month we would be able to continue with this project which is making such a difference to the children involved. If you can help, please contact Val on 613438