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Timeout Cafe ?

19 Jun 2021, 2 p.m.
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Timeout Cafe Once all COVID lockdown restrictions have been lifted we are hoping to restart Timeout Cafe, but we want your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, and views.

We are suggesting it be held In the Church hall monthly after the Thursday midweek communion service. Stay for tea and biscuits, but then set up tables for a light lunch (sandwich, salad, soup.) with either/ OR activities and craft, or a mixture with guest speakers. This is for everyone, congregation or not, an informal time to have a break come and meet others, chat and enjoy some fellowship. So our questions are:

Would you attend something like this?

If so how often? Monthly? Weekly?

Would you like another name that might reflect who or what we are or should we keep Timeout?

Do you want Activities/craft/guest speakers or something else?

Do you have any food and hospitality ideas, (think budget and dietary needs.)

Can you help? We need kitchen workers who are able to complete the food hygiene certificate as well as hosts and labourers

Please send all comments marked Timeout to; [email protected]

or speak to Rev Dion