Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth Holy Trinity Ventnor

Covid-19 Arrangements

24 Jul 2021, 11 a.m.

The church is open every day for private prayer.  

Normal Services have resumed at Holy Trinity, with the following adjustments:

<ul type="disc"> <li>Sung Eucharist with congregational singing (masked) </li> <li>Servers in the sanctuary. </li> <li>Mask wearing and social distancing to continue in church. </li> <li>Choir in distanced formation around the sanctuary </li> <li>Some limited processing </li> <li>To continue to take communion as prior to regulation easements, though the option to kneel rather than stand is possible. </li> <li>Collection plate not to be passed around but will come to the altar for blessing. </li> <li>Refreshments to be offered outside or in the Hall if inclement. </li> </ul>