Church of England Diocese of Rochester Chiddingstone and Chiddingstone Causeway

Keeping everyone safe post 'Freedom Day'

24 Jul 2021, 3 p.m.
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Given the current rise in Covid cases, especially in Kent, it was agreed at our PCC meeting of 15 July that we will continue to ask people to wear masks in church, to take contact details and to maintain social distancing as far as possible.

Singing during services is now permitted inside church, but for now, if we want to sing, we would ask the congregation to sing with masks on (apart from the choir), unsatisfactory though that is.

We wish to keep our worship as safe as we can, so as to protect others and ourselves. Genesis 4:9 and Matthew 22:39 inform our counsel!

May you continue to know God’s presence with you, whether you are able to join us in our worship in church, or are staying at home.