Resources to support you in faith

Below are some resources you might find useful to help to develop spiritually on your walk with God.  If you find any useful resources please do share them with us so we can add them here.  Share them via the get in touch option on this website, or via our Facebook page.

Resources for children

During lockdown #1 The Scripture Union created some great resources for sharing the good news of Jesus with children and young people. 

Fischy music have songs for every mood here.  Follow Fischy music on YouTube for lots more songs.

See our "News and notices" section for LOOK sheets which include activities for children.


Prayer can be used in many ways, individual or social, private or public. Perhaps you could ring someone you know and pray with them over the phone, or video call; or you could ask what they would like prayer for, opening contact and offering support in many ways.

So how do I even pray?!

The Archbishop has recommended Time To Pray which is free to use as either an app or online, and offers a selection of prayers for throughout the day and night (as suits you) and helps develop a pattern of prayer.
There are also Soul Time meditation available as an app and online, Encounter with God online, Daily Bread as an app and online, and Guardians of Ancora a game recommended for children aged 8-11 as an app and online.
Scripture Union and Franciscan Richard Rhor offer daily emails of prayer and meditation.

Church of England prayer resources during the coronavirus lockdown

The Church of England's free phone line to ring and hear hymns, reflections and prayers.

Find out more about and join the Diocese of Sheffield 2025 Prayer Community here.

Some Short Prayers:

The Lord's Prayer; Prayer for the nationA Prayer of St Richard of ChichesterPrayer of St Ignatius of LoyolaA Prayer of St ColumbaA Prayer for those Worried about DebtA Prayer for JusticeA Medieval Prayer (from the Sarum Primer, 1538)A Gaelic Prayer

Church of England website has a daily prayer page.  Short prayers can be found here.

Films and videos

FACING THE CANON’ videos of Christians such as Jackie Pullinger, Justin Welby and Andrew White being interviewed by J John can be found on their YouTube channel.

‘THE CHOSEN’ a film about the life of Christ which can be watched for free via an app downloaded onto mobiles or tablets. 

You can find interesting talks and worship from Spring Harvest at their YouTube channel.

Greenbelt Wild at Home, has a festival of events on their YouTube channel: talks, music, entertainment and worship.

Book reviews

Open the attachment for book reviews.  Please feel free to send us your book reviews for inclusion.

Bible reading notes

Scripture Union have guides for adults and children.  These can be delivered via a daily e-mail or accessed on their website.

BRF have a range of reading notes aimed at meeting the needs of different people, one version includes larger print.

Waverley Abbey Resources have made their bible reading notes "Everyday with Jesus" and "Inspiring Women Everyday" available for free in the UK.

Bible study aids

Try Bible Hub or Blue Letter Bible.

The LAB is a think tank for those engage in scholarly study of the bible.

StudyLight is a collection of online bible study tools.

Sunday Link and Look

You can find paper copies of the Sunday Link in Church, please help yourself. 

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