Church of England Diocese of Sheffield Stannington

Lent and Easter

This page contents activities you may wish to get involved with during Lent.  This year we have given up a lot of things already, so rather than giving something up to help you engage with the Spirit of God, we encourage you to take something up which will feed you physically emotionally and spiritually.

Daily positive acts

The attachment includes suggestions for a positive act each day in Lent. 

Thinking about the environment

Each day or each week in Lent, choose one one aspect of creation and explore its beginnings, either researching or spending time in prayer/ meditation with it (or a picture). If you haven't seen it already you might like to watch David Attenborough's programme 'A life on our Planet' which is available on Netfix. 

Toilet Twinning

During Lent this year we are going to think about helping others. Our project is to try and raise £60 to twin our toilet at Church with a toilet in a poor country. Now, this might seem odd to you but in poor countries people often don’t have a toilet at all. They have to go outside behind a bush! This is not very clean and people, especially children, often catch germs and become ill. Sometimes wee or poo gets into the drinking water and makes people so ill that they die. If we raise £60 this will pay for 1 toilet to be built in a poor country and may even save someone’s life. Have a look at this website for more information


The Church of England have an app, email reflections and audio reflections for lent.  More information can be found here.

There are also resources for groups and families.  These can be found here.

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