Church of England Diocese of Sheffield St. George Doncaster

Visiting Doncaster Minster

Virtual Tour of Doncaster Minster

At the moment we are not able to open our doors  but if you want to visit Doncaster Minster and, if you want to see all the hidden corners of the Minster, the Ringing Room, the Bell Chamber, the Vestries or the Parvise or just admire the beautiful carving and stained glass you can now do so.

Thanks to the generosity of our near neighbours, Limitless Digital Agency, we now have a full 360 3D image of the Minster available for you to explore. They have provided a tour of the Minster building with 360º photos that offer the unique Matterport Dollhouse View; a view of different levels and a full floor plan. It offers an immersive experience, that is the closest you can get to actually being there. Go to 360 Virtual Tour:

Equally, if you approach the Minster on Google Maps, with Street View, you can explore the outside of the building and then enter through the main doors and wander at will within the building. Enjoy your visit!