Church of England Diocese of Sheffield Rawcliffe


30 Jun 2020, midnight
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St James Church will be open for Private Prayer

Thursdays 10am - 12noon

Sundays 2.30pm - 4.30pm

There will be a sanitisation station, in the porch for everyone to use for washing hands before and after.

Notices will ask everyone to use this

We ask all people to keep a 2m social distance

The main door will be kept open to help people see whether someone is nearby.

Some of the church will not be accessible.

Clear notices will say what / where is not to be used.

Designated seating/kneeling places will have a blue sign saying Please feel free to sit or kneel here, which is to be turned over to red after use (saying do not sit / kneel here - needs sanitising).

There will be no hymn books, service books, or soft furnishings in the area which is open.

You are welcome to bring your own and use them. Please remove them after use.

The person in attendance will request visitors to provide name and contact details for track and trace purposes