Church of England Diocese of Sheffield Warmsworth

Reopening for worship

2 Jul 2020, 7 p.m.
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Re-opening for worship – St Peter Warmsworth

After a long wait we are now suggesting this as our way of meeting. It will be subject to change if the Government advice changes but we will always err on the cautious side and no one is under any obligation to attend if they feel, that for their health and well being, they should not.

After a careful risk assessment of the building we propose that there are three services people will be able to attend and that you book into a service. The two services will be on Sunday and one on Thursday.

On Sunday you can attend at either 9.30am or 10.30am, and on Thursday at 9.30am. If there is space you can attend one Sunday service and on Thursday. Once your preference is recorded we ask that you stay with your choice until we can allow more in. In other words if you book for 10.30am on Sunday that is the service you stay with, you do not change week to week.

We have worked out that 28 people can attend a service. If you are a couple and sit together you will be counted as one person.

Seating will be designated. You cannot choose where to sit. One set of pews will be designated for the Sunday 9.30am service and they will be different for the 10.30am service. There will be a disposable service sheet and no hymn book or singing. Communion will be received standing and only wafers given. You will leave by the side door but enter at the main door where a hand sanitiser will be found. It is up to you if you wear a mask.

Your collection can be left on a central plate; there will be no sharing of the peace or refreshments afterwards.

The service itself will be kept shorter than normal and while you will be able to arrive at 9am for private prayer in your seat (the All Souls and Lady chapels will be closed) for the 9.30am service. We ask that you arrive no earlier than 10.20am for the 10.30am service – you will be free to sit and pray after it. It may be that many people feel unable to attend a service at the moment or cannot obtain socially distanced lifts. If so we would look at having a single Sunday service at 10am – getting back to normal.

This is very different to what we have been used to but for everyone’s well being we have decided this is how we must be for the moment.

So what do you need to do now?

1. Decide which of the services you wish to attend; 9.30am or 10.30am; or Thursday 9.30am. That will be your regular service.

2. Decide if in addition to a Sunday service you would like to attend on Thursday.

3. Let Ian Smith know by text, telephone or email your choice.

4. You will get confirmation of your service and it will be allocated on a first contact, first booked basis. You will be asked to stay with that service, arrive at the appropriate time and only occupy the designated pews and seats.

5. If you have been involved in reading or leading intercessions Liz Roberts will be in touch about you being on the rota again – we will not have sidespeople/welcomers though.

If you have any questions please know you can speak to Maureen or Jill or Ian who will try to answer your questions. We think it will only be as we start doing this it will really make sense. Our first Sunday will be the 19th July and first Thursday the 16th of July. We will revise and adapt if and when new instructions come from the government and Church of England.

The Rev. Canon Ian Smith Rector of Warmsworth

01302 853324


[email protected]