Church of England Diocese of Sheffield Warmsworth


22 Jul 2020, 6:30 a.m.
Church_news Notices

Baptism in church

We are now in a position to share what is allowed for a baptism/christening in church at St Peter Warmsworth.

We are strictly following the Church of England advice as a result of the virus and after completing a risk assessment for our building.

We can allow in 28 people including children. The parents and child/children will be counted as one. Only one baptism will occur on a Sunday to reduce the risk of any infection spreading.

We need time to wipe down the pews after our two morning services and remove the fabric you would normally sit on; there is a hand sanitiser at the main door and you go out the side door. People must only sit where allocated and where it is clean.

I cannot hold the baby myself. A parent or godparent must do that.

We will use the front of the church to make the service more accessible; we will not use the font at the back but our portable silver font basin.

The service would take place at noon. As the people arranging the service you will be asked to have and provide us with the contact details of all those attending in case, at the worst, if someone was found to have the virus, we could contact them; a name and mobile number will do.

No one with any symptoms should attend. If those attending wish to wear masks they can. At the time of writing this (July 21st 2020) it is not compulsory but a 2 metre distancing remains in place.

The Rev. Canon Ian Smith – Rector of Warmsworth: 01302 853324