Church of England Diocese of Sheffield Worsborough

Messy Club for Adults


Messy Club was established in January 2010 and meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 4.30pm for an hour and a half. Its aim is simple – ‘to provide a relaxing space where adults can meet and socialise’. We play games such as Scrabble, dominoes and do jigsaws together and refreshments are provided.

One afternoon we picked up our games and adjourned outdoors, enjoying the warmth of the sun and in November we had great fun making Snow Shakers using jam jars and cake decorations.

We seem to have built up a core group who come each month and have others who join us, as and when they wish. Whilst we begin with a Thought for the Day (a short non-scriptural reading) and end with the Grace, we welcome anyone regardless of church attendance or membership.

It seems that there are people who appreciate being able to spend time simply enjoying the company of others, playing Scrabble and other games and we hope to build on this by advertising the Club more widely