Church of England Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham Ordsall and Retford Saint Michael

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

9 Oct 2020, 11:15 a.m.
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The Church of England's rules now allow APCMs to take place, and for meetings and business to be carried out 'virtually' on-line.

The APCM has now been rescheduled for Wednesday 28th October at 7pm.

Mindful that not everyone is able to access the internet, or to participate in 'virtual' meetings, it has been possible to arrange to hold our APCM in a hybrid way, with a small number of individuals meeting physically inside church, while a larger number attend on-line, via Zoom.

More details about the arrangements for the APCM are to follow, but in order participate in the elections of Wardens, Deanery Synod representatives, and members of the Parochial Church Council which will all take place at the APCM, you will need to be enrolled on the Parochial Electoral Roll.

If you enrolled last year (2019) when the new roll was formed, you do not need to re-enrol.

However, new names can be added up until Wednesday 14th Oct after which the Roll will then be closed until after the APCM

Please see the notice of the APCM below, and also the attached enrolment form for the Parochial Electoral Roll.

As Electoral Roll Officer Helen is able to accept electronic copies of this form from anyone who fulfils the eligibility requirements for enrolment.

Please ensure completed forms are sent to Helen at [email protected] before 14th October 2020.

Paper copies are available at both churches, but please use the electronic version wherever possible as we are aiming to reduce paper handling as much as possible in order to keep everyone safe.

NOTICE OF A MEETING FOR THE ELECTION OF CHURCHWARDENS -  And the election of Deanery Synod Representatives

And Members of the Parochial Church Council for the Parish of Ordsall and Retford, St Michael

A meeting for the election of churchwardens will be held on Wednesday 28th day of October at 7.00pm

The meeting will be online (please email [email protected] no later than 12 noon on Wednesday 28th October 2020 in order to access the link to the on-line meeting)

And also in All Hallows Church, Ordsall (Limited capacity)

This meeting may be attended by:

1. All persons whose names are entered on the church electoral roll of the parish and

2. All persons resident in the parish whose names are entered on a register of local government electors by reason of such residence

Signed IMG Richards (Lay Chair)

Dated 8/10/2020