Church of England Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham Worksop Priory

Church re-opening to Public Masses

5 Jul 2020, 8 a.m.

The PCC has agreed that Masses can now be attending by the public according to the Government and Church guidance. 

Many of you will be still be sensibly staying at home, so the live streaming will continue but if you do come to a 9.30am Mass you will find that every measure has been taken to reduce risk


only do so if it safe for you and you do not have any of the virus' symptoms,

enter through the South Porch door, use the sanitiser, follow the routes as indicated and observe social distancing at all times,

leave any collection in the basket or plates by the door,

if you are coming with youngsters please note we are not able to provide Junior Church or books, toys etc. You may still sit at a social distance with your youngsters in the North Transept, East room or Lady Chapel,

there will be no singing, make the responses quietly, and only use the lavatories in an emergency,

at the invitation to Holy Communion the priest will lift the Blessed Sacrament and say “The Body of Christ “ and all wishing to receive rely “Amen” . Then he will hold up the chalice and say “The Blood of Christ” and all reply “Amen”.

then to receive Holy Communion form a safe queue in the aisle in front of the priest and stretch out your hands to receive the Blessed Sacrament in silence,

after the dismissal please leave quietly and quickly by either the South porch or South Transept doors.

In the, pray God, unlikely event of someone alerting us that they have since developed symptoms we will be in touch and church will be closed for at least 72hours.

Thank you, keep safe and God bless.