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Alpha Course

What is Alpha?

Anyone interested in finding more about the Christian faith. People of all ages are welcome

Learning and laughter. It is possible to learn about the Christian faith and have fun at the same time!

People meeting and eating together. Sharing ideas and supper gives people an opportunity to get to know each other

Helping one another. The small groups give you a chance to discuss issues raised in the talks

Ask anything. Alpha is a place where no question is regarded as too simple or too hostile

Who is Alpha for?


Those who want to brush up on the basics

New Christians

Newcomers to the Church

Those who feel they never really got going as a Christian

Those wanting to investigate Christianity

How does it work?

The course is run over 11 weeks and begins with a meal together at about 12.00pm or 7.00pm depending on whether or not the course is being run around lunchtime or in the evening. Typically the evening course has been the most popular.. Afterwards we watch a DVD and then spend time discussing any questions raised from the talk, aiming to finish about 2.30pm or 9.30pm respectively.

There is also a Saturday away with all the groups. This is a key part of the course and a great way in helping people get to know each other.

What will it cost?

There is no charge for Alpha, although you may be asked to contribute towards the meal and also for the Saturday away.

When is the next course?

Alpha courses are being run at St. Mary's in the Autumn, Spring & sometimes in the Summer. Our next course is planned to start in the New Year. We are thinking of running this one in the afternoon.

After refreshments we show a Video and then we have the opportunity to discuss what we have seen.

If you are not sure or wondering what's it all about, please have a chat with our vicar Margaret or contact us on  [email protected]

Alternatively please have a word with Ed Sands (07831 807941).

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