Covid-19: arrangements from January 27th 2022

· Please make use of the hand sanitizer provided if you wish to do so.

· The central pews are all available to anybody. The side pews still have social distancing measures in place. On the side pews, please only sit on those pews marked with a green tick, and not those marked with a red cross.

· Please be mindful of those around you who may wish to continue social distancing or other mitigations.

· You are not required to wear a face covering, though you are welcome to do so if you wish. If so, please remove it before coming forward to receive Holy Communion, or taking an active part in the liturgy (such as reading).

· Please make use of the holy water stoups if you wish to do so.

· Please make use of the blue Missals and/or the Mass cards if you wish to do so. Please return them after use.

· You may leave church via the hall corridor, or through the main doors, as you prefer.