Church of England Diocese of Leeds Newsome and Armitage Bridge

Third Lockdown

7 Jan 2021, 5:15 p.m.
<div data-setdir="false">After the announcement of the 3rd lockdown on Monday many of us were surprised that places of worship were still allowed to open. What that meant was that we would be the last place to legally gather in relatively large numbers albeit with restrictions in place. After much thought and prayer and consultation with the PCC's of all our churches we have sadly decided to close our church buildings with immediate effect!! This means that there will be no Sunday services during the current lockdown!! Bishop Nick has granted us permission to close the doors with the proviso that we continue our online services which we will of course do. This has not been an easy decision to make for any of us but I believe it is the right one given the current situation with Covid19!!</div><div data-setdir="false"><div><div>The message from the government is stay at home unless your journey out is absolutely necessary!! Whilst I believe with all my heart that worshipping God is absolutely necessary to our wellbeing and relationship with him; I also believe that we have learned how to do that in many different ways over the last 10 months and we can do it well from the safety of our homes!! We need to ensure that all our church family are safe and looked after and we need to show people that we are taking this virus seriously and want to follow the spirit of the law if not the letter of it!!
</div><div data-setdir="false">I do hope you will understand our reasons and if you don't already get the link to the online services please let me know and I can include you in our weekly email!!</div><div data-setdir="false">If you need anything from me at any time just call!!</div></div></div>