Church of England Diocese of Leeds Monk Bretton



The Government announced on Saturday, 31st October that a further national lockdown would be necessary to drive down Coronavirus infection rates. This has implications for us as a church in that from Thursday, 5th November, we will be able to open for Private Prayer only, although Mass will continue to be said privately. 

From Thursday, 5th November, the church will thus open at the following times for Private Prayer:

Sundays    9.00 - 10.30

Tuesdays  18.00 - 19.30

Thursdays 9.00 - 10.30

Safety Measures in Place

Signs reminding attendees of the procedures to be followed will be placed inside the entrance to Church. Specifically, attendees must observe the following arrangements:

• Enter, please, by the West Door, and exit through the South Porch. Sanitize your hands on entry and on leaving Church. Hand sanitizer for this purpose will be provided and will be available in the Porches.

• Follow Social Distancing whilst in Church – i.e. a MINIMUM of 2 metres apart at all times.

• Parishioners who fall into the “Vulnerable Category” enter Church entirely at their own risk. This will be made clear on notices.

• There will be NO printed matter – e.g. Hymn Books, Mass Books etc. – available. No kneelers will be available either.

• There will be NO access to the Parish Centre, the Toilets or the Kitchen Area.

• The wearing of Masks is mandatory. Gloves should NOT be worn, since they may be a source of transmission of the virus, but hand sanitizing on entry and exit MUST be observed

Seating Arrangements

Suitable Seating arrangements will be pre-set and must be strictly adhered to at all times.

• Pew areas which can be used for prayer will be marked with a GREEN Tick. These will enable members of the same family (who must be living together) to pray together. These will be suitably distanced from others.

• Pew areas marked with a RED Cross will be those considered to be too close in terms of complying with Social Distancing Rules and must NOT be used

• No-one may enter the Chancel for Private Prayer.

Lighting of Candles

Where an individual wishes to light a candle in prayer, they must ask the priest supervising the session to do this for them, so that only one person has contact with the candles. This will also be done in accordance with the rules, in order to ensure physical distancing is maintained. No other form of candle lighting is permissible.

For and on behalf of the PCC of Saint Paul’s, Monk Bretton.