Church of England Diocese of Leeds Monk Bretton

Baptisms during Covid


We are delighted to announce that Saint Paul’s Monk Bretton continues to host baptisms. However there are a number of measures we have been urged to introduce by the Church of England and Government in order to ensure the baptism service is as Covid Safe as possible. If you wish to book and proceed with a baptism you will thus need to comply with the following requirements:

Your agreement to our hosting the baptism service is entirely at your own risk, and those who are vulnerable or shielding are advised not to come. If they do, it must again be at their own risk. Anyone experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus or who is having to self isolate will not be able to attend the service.

There will be a maximum number of thirty people in attendance at the baptism, excluding the priest and verger, and we will require you to supply us beforehand with a list of all the individual guests’ names and their telephone numbers for contact and tracing purposes.

The wearing of face masks is mandatory, unless there has been a dispensation for health reasons. Proof of this will be required.

The Baptism Party and Guests will enter the church by the large West Doors at the back and leave at the end via the South Porch Exit, using the hand sanitisers that will be supplied on the day. (Wheelchair users and those unable to use steps will be permitted to leave the church through the West Doors).

Guests should go immediately to a pew/seat on entering the church and not mingle in small crowds or groups inside the building, ensuring a distance at all times of two metres apart from each other (unless from the same household).

Everyone attending the baptism must distance themselves with a gap of at least two metres, sitting only in those pews or chairs marked with a green tick. The only exception is where individuals are from the same household, who can sit together.

When at the font for the baptism itself, Parents and Godparents must ensure they maintain the physical distancing and mask requirements.

Toilets will be available, but strict hygiene and cleaning measures must be observed by those who use it. Paper towels will be provided for the drying of hands and these should be disposed of carefully in the bin provided.

The Baptism Party and Guests are asked, politely, to leave the building immediately after the service. Sadly, no photographs can be taken inside the church after the service is over.

Where guests fail to adhere to any of the above, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the service on the day.

*Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that another lockdown, whether local or national, will not happen again. It is thus very important to note that were this to occur, any bookings would have to be suspended forthwith.