Church of England Diocese of Leeds Ravensthorpe and Thornhill Lees with Savile Town

The Raven Flies in Again!

17 Apr 2021, 12:45 a.m.

With stories of past Whitwalks, Hungarian Easter and the significance of Ramadan, the Raven explains some of the cultural aspects of some of the communities represented in our area. Also included is the latest news from the environmental Action Group, the Bus Museum and Bespoke Day Services. Intended to celebrate and create cohesion in Ravensthorpe, copies are being delivered to every household in the patch. Other copies are available in public spaces and some of our many food-stops. And it's free!

Our Lottery funding for this venture has now come to an end; but anyone wishing to sponsor a future copy or serve on our ad hoc editorial board would be very welcome. Contact Fr George on 07388 507282.