Church of England Diocese of Leeds Ravensthorpe and Thornhill Lees with Savile Town

Risk Assessment for Use of the Church - Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 - Updated 4/1/2021

We have reviewed (4/1/2021) our Risk Assessment which we hope demonstrates that we are endeavouring to keep all our visitors safe as possible, even in the new lockdown. 

The measures apply to when the church is open:- 

Sundays at 10 a.m. for the Parish Mass. 

We ask all to sanitise their hands on arrival and leaving the building.

On reviewing our practices, the main concern is about people gathering and socialising in small groups outside their support 'bubble'. A further risk is bunching occurring at bottlenecks by the entrance and exit (following the one way system) of the church. Such behaviour poses increased risks of cross-infection, and new government guidelines for places of worship highlights these dangers. 

We ask that those attending rigidly keep 2 metres distance from each other, and exit the building in an efficient and prompt manner at the end of services. The one way system takes you through the Vestry and out of the sacristy door. This is a fairly straight line so you can gauge your distance from others quite easily.

Please also refrain from congregating in the churchyard either before or after the service.

For the same reason of minimising the risk of cross-infection, all singing is temporarily suspended.

It is appreciated that we all enjoy socialising at church, but in the present circumstances we simply have to forego this, to keep each other safe by minimising the risk of spreading the virus.

We can safely use 21 pews and chairs for individuals / families / those in a 'bubble'. We use a cone system to designate pews and chairs which are available for use. Visitors take a cone of a different colour and leave it in their pew/chair to indicate it has been occupied. The Church is then closed for at least 48 hours, which is the time recommended by HM Government for any virus to dissipate.  

Should there be more arriving that we can seat, we will simply repeat the service at 11 a.m. Bear with us, as there will need to be some sanitising between services. 

Other measures in force include - Social distancing markings throughout the building. Taking contact details of all attending, sanitising and safe administration of holy communion. There is a one-way system though the building with worshippers leaving by the rear sacristy door. 

Wednesday at 5.30 p.m. Church open for private prayer (before the Sacrament Exposed), followed by a celebration of the eucharist at 6.30 p.m. The same safety measures apply as for Sunday. 

We ask everyone to co-operate with these measures, in a considerate and reverential way.

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