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Love Triumphant

10 Apr 2020, 9:15 a.m.
From_the_Vicar Easter

Some of you will have seen or heard this poem before as I have used it many times. For those of you who have not come across this before it really needs no explanation; suffice it to say, I have never been able to read it without crying. God's love for us is breath-taking and, today of all days, we should not be afraid to express our love and gratitude in return.

God bless you all this Good Friday



Love Triumphant – by Rachel Heath

When Adam went from Paradise

In sorrow for his fate,

The Father set the sword of love

Across the open gate.

He placed the sword in the angel’s hand

And bid him keep the guard,

And the cherubs paused in their ceaseless chant

To hear the Holy Word.

“By love alone shall the gate be held,

This is my perfect Will,

When Love brings Adam back again

He shall find it open still.”

The Lamb slipped down from the heavenly throne

In haste the way to find

He stayed not even to ask for leave

For he knew the Father’s Mind.

Swiftly he sped, nor did he wait

The flaming sword to dodge,

He darted straight through the open gate

And hid in Adam’s lodge.

Long were the years of toil and pain

And fierce the fight with sin;

But wherever Adam made his home

The Lamb was hid therein.

When a star shone down from Paradise

To mark the time and place

The Lamb came forth from Adam’s lodge

And men beheld his face.

Year after year the angel stood

Watching the earthward track,

And ever he held the open gate

Till he saw the Lamb come back.

His foot was bleeding, his eyes were dim,

His fleece was scarred and torn,

A cross was branded upon his back

And his head was crowned with thorn.

The angel dropped the flaming sword

And fell upon his knee

“Now welcome Lord to the gate” he cried,

“Tis open Lord for Thee”.

The Lamb passed into Paradise

Loud sang the Cherubim.

For he came not alone to his Father’s throne

Adam returned with him.