Church of England Diocese of Leeds St. Mary Magdalene, Outwood

Services resume

5 Dec 2020, 6 p.m.

Tomorrow, we will reopen for services in person again. The Parish Mass is at 10am. We hope to see you there! Here are some things you need to know if you're joining us tomorrow:

• There are signs to tell you where to safely sit two metres apart from others. You’re welcome to sit with other members of your household, and there are two designated ‘family pews’.

• The building has been laid out with a one way system, indicated by arrows taped to the floor.

• Certain parts of the building are roped off and out of use. We won’t be able to serve tea and coffee at least for the first few weeks.

• The doors will be open whenever the weather permits to ensure the building is ventilated.

• There is hand-sanitiser available with a high alcohol content when you enter the building.

• All the cushions have had to be removed from church for now. Please bring your own and take them away again!

If you've never come to church with us before or you don't usually worship with us, please contact us to let us know you're coming. We have less seating capacity than usual, so it is useful to know who is coming so we can be sure we have enough seats!