Funeral Information

When someone dies, your church is here for you, no matter who you are. Anyone can have a family member's funeral in St Mary Magdalene's Church, whether they were someone who went to church often or not. We can also help with the funeral arrangements, and the choices to make about songs, readings and the eulogy. We have a CD player and projector in church, so we can be flexible if you want something a little different from a traditional church funeral.

Usually, you will book funerals through a funeral director, who will then contact the Parish Priest (Fr Glenn), who will visit you at home and talk for as long as you want about the person who has died, what they meant to you and how you'd like the funeral to be. 

If you have any questions, please speak to Fr  Glenn Coggins ( tel: 01924 218484 )

You may find this website from the Church of England useful: