Church of England Diocese of Winchester Hook

Coronavirus - Update March 2020

Following the up to date advice from the Church of England, guided by our Chief Medical Officer, we are taking care to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

    * At the same time, we are your local church

    * We wish to provide hope and support and friendship

As a result:

  * We are running our services online - see the website Online services, and Sunday live service by zoom. but no <span style="font-size: 1rem;">Sunday services in the building.</span>

  * All our schools and uniformed groups have cancelled all church activities.

  * We are running small groups by zoom.

If you have a pastoral concern, or wish your church leaders to be updated please phone Hook Rectory, 01256 763211 or our PASTORAL CARE TEAM MOBILE: 07793 078062.

We shall continue to offer pastoral care: on the phone, by email or by home visits.  We will be providing updates via the website or facebook group @stJohnHook.  We will also be aiming to hold virtual services online & publish the sermons from the Sunday 10am at St John's on the website under Teaching (where we have other sermons and associated study group teaching material).  Online services will be found: it early days so bear with us as we work out how to best to use technology to enable services and groups to continue, albeit with us all at a distance from each other.

Please do leave contact us by phone/email, and let us know if we can help with anything at all, from prayers, to practical support. Our regular phones are in use, and a pastoral care mobile phone is covered 24/7: 07793 078062.

Please can I encourage everyone to stay at home as much as possible, other than for essential things.

But let us reach out with kindness so that folks are not isolated. Keep in touch.

We have a team who are offering practical support.

With love and prayers