Church of England Diocese of Winchester St. Bartholomew Hyde, Winchester

What's Happening In The Tower?

23 Dec 2020, 11:57 a.m.
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Exciting plans are in hand for some renovations at St Bartholomew’s Church, so that it can extend its welcome and accessibility, not only as the parish church for Hyde and Abbotts Barton, but also as one of Winchester’s most ancient and historic buildings.

Phase 1 began in September 2020 and includes:

- Installing a new toilet suitable for disabled access

- Eliminating the damp in the walls, providing a fresh and friendly environment

- Installing a kitchenette

- Improving the water supply

- Rearranging the seating at the west end of the church to provide a better space for hospitality

In 2021 Phase 2 of the St Bart’s Tower work will include:

- Widening the north-west doorway and path to improve level access

- Reordering the area in the north aisle to create a heritage corner and welcome display

- Reordering the pews at the front to give more space for performance

- New furniture

- Carrying out minor works required by our recent 5-yearly architect’s inspection

As at November 2020 we have raised and have pledges for £88,000, but additional costs have been incurred by the poor drainage, and due to the coronavirus, we have not been able to hold all the fundraising events we had planned. Please can you help?

Please make a donation through our Tower Appeal website Alternatively, if you would like to set up a Standing Order please email [email protected] and ask for a form.

Thank you!