Church of England Diocese of Winchester St. Ambrose Bournemouth

⚠ 7th January, 2021 - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Temporary Suspension of Public Worship ⚠

As you will be aware, covid restrictions have 'tightened' in response to the exponential rise in the number of cases of infection. The Government and the national news have reported that, in London, the number of infection cases has doubled in the last two days, and the BCP conurbation has seen a rapid rise in infection rates, particularly in Westbourne.

In the light of both Government advice and NHS appeals, I can see no alternative other than to temporarily suspend public worship with immediate effect. I know that this is a very disappointing decision for us all to accept but I believe that it is the right one if we are to serve the common good. We all have a great devotion to liturgical worship but we cannot, in good conscience, put our wants before the needs of, and love for, our people. If someone from our church-community was to contract covid and suffer, or even die, as a result of cross-infection through our gatherings, we would all be collectively responsible.

Christians are not unacquainted with the concept of sacrifice and in this case we must sacrifice our personal wants for the greater need and love of the people. This is not a case of shutting our doors to Christ for he dwells in each one of us. We are the Church and the Church is alive and well. Let's make sure it stays that way and prayerfully use this time as a sacrificial offering to Almighty God.

We will continue to record a weekly reflection on the Sunday liturgy, and the church will be open for private prayer between ten and eleven o'clock on Sunday mornings. Should anyone wish to receive the Blessed Sacrament, I will be available at ten o'clock to ensure that this is available to you.

As matters progress, I will keep you informed and hopefully we will resume public worship at the earliest, safest moment possible.

My prayers and sincere best wishes are with you,

Fr. Adrian.