Church of England Diocese of Winchester Fawley

Sunday 22 November: Feast of Christ the King

13 Nov 2020, 12:15 a.m.

Sunday Link available from Saturday 21 November



<div>Ezekiel 34 v11-16 & 20-24: the image of God as a Shepherd</div><div>Matthew 25 v 31-46: whatever we do to the least of our brothers and sisters we do to Christ</div><div>

Music/Song suggestions:

<div>O worship the King</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=Dv2BqFgm6_M
</div><div>Praise to the King of Kings</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=Of5IcFWiEpg
</div><div>The Servant King</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=zCAdWs-ZyEk
</div><div>At the name of Jesus</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=OI2rKRCWmOU
</div><div>The Lord's my Shepherd</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=xXPPzuCJMCs</div>

We will keep you informed as and when we get updates re the Covid restrictions.We will be recording a weekly Sunday service again and sending you the link each week so that we can be together online, if nowhere else.

There is NO midweek service at St Francis on a Wednesday until Dec 2 at the earliest