Church of England Diocese of Winchester Fawley

Sunday 20 December Advent 4

19 Dec 2020, 12:15 a.m.

Romans 16 v25-27: God is able to strengthen us through Jesus Christ

Luke 1 v26-38: The Angel Gabriel visits Mary


Music/Song suggestions:

<div>Tell out my soul</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=3E7QWLyDWe8
</div><div>Mary did you know</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=bYe7odIJLF0</div><div>Praise for ever to the King of Kings</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=7OnfQpZr030
</div><div>Hills of the North rejoice</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=Fb-fD7Njtys
</div><div>Hark a thrilling voice is sounding</div><div><wbr></wbr>v=UKC1zCaAE_o</div>

There is a midweek service at St Francis on a Wednesday 9:30am (23 December)