COVID Safety Measures

1. Hand sanitiser is available inside the main entrance and at the entrance to the Blakefield Room and kitchen area. Please use this on entering and leaving church, whether for services or private prayer.

2. Masks are not compulsory under current government guidelines. Whether you wear one is entirely your choice. If you would like to be seated in a more secluded area, have a quiet word with the warden on duty. Note this will change from the 8th August when government guidance will change and they will become compulsory in places of worship.

3. Please remember social distancing guidance and stay 2 metres away from people not in your household. Remember this especially when entering and leaving, and in the queue for communion.

4. Please take your service booklet from the bench on entering and replace it on leaving. 72 hours will elapse between usage of booklets in all cases.

5. Alternate pews have been taken out of use to ensure distancing during the service. Please do not sit in any pew with an upturned chair blocking it off. The gallery is available and additional seating is in the North Aisle.

6. In communion services, please follow the instructions of the stewards and maintain social distancing. Family members are welcome to receive together. The congregation will receive only the bread, which will be covered during consecration and handled only by the priest with sanitised hands.