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If you have missed or would like to re-listen to a sermon you are in the right place.

This page contains links to a selection of audio sermons. The links  will take you to our Google Drive site where these files are held. To return to the church website press the 'back' (<) button on your browser when finished.

28-2-2021 Wyn Beynon - Humility

21-2-2021 Wyn Beynon - Wilderness

14-2-2021 Wyn Beynon - Rucksack

7-2-2021 Wyn Beynon - Lady Wisdom Madame Insight

17-1-2021 Wyn beynon - The Boy Samuel

10-1-2021 Wyn Beynon - The baptism of Christ Audio

3-1-2021 Wyn Beynon - Epiphany Audio

25-10-2020 Wyn Beynon - The promised land  Audio

18-10-2020 Wyn Beynon - A distinct people?  Audio

4-10-2020 Wyn Beynon - Let hope keep you joyful  Audio 

26-9-2020 Wyn Beynon - Strike that rock  Audio

5-7-2020 Wyn Beynon - Behind the scenes, learning to pray  Audio

14-6-2020 Wyn Beynon - God has made laughter for us  Audio

10-5-2020 Wyn Beynon - The only interesting thing is God  Audio

03-5-2020 Melissa Beynon - I am the gate  Audio

26-4-2020 Wyn Beynon - Emmaus  Audio

19-4-2020 Wyn Beynon - Thomas didn't doubt  Audio